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Deanna Barnes

We rejoice with our Office Manager, Deanna Barnes, at the return of her husband from deployment! Welcome home, Brandon!

However, they are quarantined during this week and next, which means that Deanna will be working from home. And that also means that she will not be answering the church phone line with her usual cheery voice. You may leave a message for her in her voicemail box, but if you need immediate attention, it will be best to leave a message for one of the other staff or send an email to office@maryestherumc.org, which she can access.

If you need to register for Sunday in-person worship, please try to do so through the links on our Facebook page or on the church website. You can also see if a friend with web access can register for you. If you MUST register by phone call, then leave a message in Ms. Barnes’ voicemail box with your name and phone number, and someone on our staff will be in touch with you to help you register!

Thank you for your patience!