Little Angels Preschool Closed Temporarily: March 2020

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Little Angels Preschool

Dear Parents,

We understand the the Novel Coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, is causing anxiety in our community, state, and the world. Little Angels Preschool is working closely with the Health Department and Florida Licensing to ensure the safety of our children, staff, and the operation.

For the safety of everyone, we are tentatively planning to reopen the preschool on Monday, April 6, 2020. I use the word tentatively, since things can change so quickly and we need to be prepared to implement the safest action plan.

We will, however, be implementing a new procedure for drop off and pick up at Little Angels Preschool. We will be prohibiting access to the operation except for the following: preschool staff, one legal parent/guardian, and the preschool student. At this time, we request no siblings that do not attend the preschool and no more than one adult with the student. Drop off and pick up will be also conducted differently. We will continue to use the parent door to enter the building and use the exit door by the Director’s office as an exit. We will not allow more than 10 people in at a time. This new procedure will definitely cause a delay in pick up and drop off, but I ask for patience as we work out our new current way of social distancing. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

As part of our daily health check, every student’s body temperature will be taken upon arrival at the preschool. Andy child that has a fever or 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to stay and will need to be fever free for twenty-four hours before returning to the preschool. Hand-washing will be practiced upon arrival PRIOR to entering the classroom with the help of the parent/guardian. All student’s entering Little Angels Preschool must be free of any and all symptoms related to COVID-19. They include: runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, and difficulty breathing. Also, please note that students who have family members showing the above symptoms will not be allowed in the building.

We would be very grateful if you are able to help supply the preschool with any sanitizer. Disinfectant wipes, rubbing alcohol, or anything that can help us continue to sanitize the preschool.

During the week of March 30, we will contact you again to confirm the starting date for the preschool. I will also let you know what the prorated rates will be for the month of April. Please keep in mind that if you have not yet paid tuition through March, your child will not be able to return until March and April’s tuition are paid.

Thank you for understanding and your cooperation at this time. We are doing everything that we can to protect the children, staff, and parents.

Many Blessings,

Deanna Yahney
(850) 243-7522