Be a Mentor in Okaloosa County School District in 2018

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Share the Love of Jesus with Students

Our local school is in need of loving mentors to share the love of Jesus with students in the Okaloosa School District. Studies have shown that students who are mentored develop more positive attitudes, achieve higher grades, improve relationships with adults and peers, are better able to express feelings, are more likely to trust their teachers, and develop higher levels of self-confidence.

When obstacles seem overwhelming, we as members of The United Methodist Church can help guide students with Jesus’ teachings of love, patience, and forgiveness, as well as introducing them to the importance of seeing both sides of every story and not jumping to judgement.

Our children need more of this now than ever. We have about 200 students in each school that would benefit from having a mentor, but unfortunately each school in our county has only about 5 active mentors at this time.

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