Membership Sunday: November 11, 2018

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Mary Esther UMC

November 11 is Membership Sunday!

On the second Sunday in November we will receive new members into our congregation of the United Methodist Church. If you have been a frequent attender of Mary Esther UMC and would like to formally join us in the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ, this would be a great Sunday to do so! Contact the church office (850-243-7595) to set up a meeting with Pastor Sam or Mike or contact them directly at or

Some frequently asked questions about joining:

How do I join MEUMC?

If you are a baptized Christian who has already professed faith in Jesus Christ and joined another church, then you can transfer your membership from that church to ours. (At the end of a worship service we will invite you forward to the altar rail and ask you to take membership vows. We are happy to contact the former church.)

If you have been baptized but have never formally joined a church, then you may join our church by profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

If you are an adult and have never been baptized and would like to join Christ’s mission through Mary Esther UMC, then you can receive the gift of baptism and profess your faith at the same time.

Are there other Sundays I can join?

Yes, the opportunity to become a member can be occur at any time, following conversation with one of the pastors.

Baptisms are only done in the context of Sunday worship. Certain feasts of the Church are most appropriate for baptism (e.g., Sundays in Eastertide, All Saints, The Baptism of Jesus, etc.). But, in conversations with pastors, other Sundays are available.

Where can I learn more?

Click here for a wonderful booklet that provides deeper information on the membership vows of the UMC.

Your pastors and staff are happy to have further conversation with you about it!